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All the parts we supply are new, we do not supply used or second hand parts.

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Replacement clear front side indicator for the Crossfire. Includes bulb but not bulb holder.
Fits all models 2003-2008  

Code: FL4 fits Left side £50.95 (includes VAT)

Code: FL5 fits Right side £50.95 (includes VAT)


left side or right side

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Flush fitting front side indicators for the Crossfire. These amber indicators are flush fitting so they are not at risk from being damaged like the standard clear ones. Includes clear bulb but not bulb holder.
Fits all models 2003-2008  

Code: FL6 fits Left side (Passenger side in UK, Driver’s side in EU) £47.25 (includes VAT)

Code: FL7 fits Right side (Driver’s side in UK, Passenger side in EU) £47.25 (includes VAT)

left side or right side 


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Replacement boot lid and hatchback struts for the Chrysler Crossfire. Sold in pairs. Fits all models 2003-2008.

Code: BS29 for convertible boot lid £36.50 Set of two (includes VAT)

Code: BS30 for coupe hatchback £41.75 Set of two (includes VAT)


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Original manufacturer bonnet strut for the Crossfire. This includes the push button for extending the strut, allowing the bonnet to rise up to a vertical position. (See photos). Although all Crossfires have this very useful extending strut, it is not a well- known feature. 
Fits all models 2003-2008.

Code: BS31 £69.25 (includes VAT)



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Replacement wipers blades for the Crossfire. Set of two wipers blades - 22” drivers side and 20” passenger side. Choice of two types – traditional or one-piece beam style.
Fits all models 2003-2008.

Code: WB8 Trico Standard. Set of two. £15.90 (includes VAT)

Code: WB9 Bosch Clear Advantage Beam Style. Set of two. £25.60 (includes VAT)


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The small side-flaps on the sides of the tonneau/convertible top cover are cable operated. If a side-flap does not open or close properly it will be due to a sticking cable. Unfortunately the cable needs to be replaced as simply lubricating it does not work in our experience. The sticking is caused by the thin inner cable developing a number of small kinks.
It is a straightforward, if a bit fiddly job, to replace and we supply some basic instructions together with a small bolt and locking nut to replace the tiny circlip at hinge cable end.
Fits all Roadster models 2004-2008

Code: CTC  Fits either side £102.20 (including VAT)


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Panel in the front wheel well that allows access to the rear of the headlight.
Fits all Crossfires 2003-2008.

Code: HAP3 Left side panel £13.70 (includes VAT)

Code: HAP4 Right side panel £13.70 (includes VAT)


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Like many cars, the Crossfire's headlights have polycarbonate plastic lenses. In time the protective coating on the lens wears away and the plastic eventually oxidizes, leading to discolouring at first and later turning opaque.
There is usually no need to renew the expensive headlights as the lens surface can be polished and made clear again using a restoration kit. After trying several kits, I personally consider the 3M kit here to be the best.
Full instructions are included and the only tool needed is an electric drill. It takes about thirty minutes from start to finish. Occasionally, Crossfires get a bit ‘cloudy’ on the inside as well, but most discolouration will still be on the restorable outside.
My headlights are still perfectly clear and the only maintenance I have done is to occasionally go over them with car polish.

Code: HK1 £24.50 (includes vat)

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Engine functions on the Crossfire are electronically monitored and should a fault occur it will stored in the car’s computer as a five digit code. This latest generation code reader is very useful and easy to use, featuring a TFT colour display, LED status indicators and audible tones.

Easy to use
Simply plug it into the diagnostic socket, inside the Crossfire near the accelerator pedal, and switch on the ignition. Green, amber and red LEDs will give a status check and if any faults are found with the engine, transmission or emissions, the fault codes and fault descriptions will be displayed on the colour display.

Erase codes
Once the fault is fixed, the code reader can be used to erase the code and the engine-check light .

Live engine data
With the engine running it can display, for example, the rpm, engine temperature and sensor data - particularly useful for determining intermittent faults.

Freeze frame data
Displays a snapshot view of the various sensor values when the actual fault occurred. The AL319 is ideal for the Crossfire owner and can also be used to check virtually all makes of modern car going back to 1996 when the OBD 11 diagnostic system was first introduced.

Supports all the latest OBD II and CAN protocols.

Multi-lingual - can be switched to English, French, or Spanish (Français, Español).
12 months UK warranty.

Package contents: AL319 Code Reader with plug-in lead, user manual, computer-connect cable and CD for software updates, DTC list etc..
For all Crossfires 2003-2008..

Code: CR319 £44.50 (includes VAT)


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A Torx bits set with holder, for use with a 3/8 sq. drive. Draper expert quality, made from silicon steel, hardened and tempered. Contents: T20, T25, T30, T4, T45, T50 x 30mm long.

Code: DR2 £7.90 (includes VAT)


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